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Cognitive Therapy Derby | Private Psychotherapists in Practice

So how it works and how we can help:

CBT aims to help you with your difficulties by looking at how you think (cognition) and how this effects what you do ( behaviour) and how you feel both emotionally and physically. If there are problems in any of these areas, we will assist you in making the changes you need to help make you feel better and have the quality of life you desire.

Private Psychotherapists in Practice

CBT helps you deal with distressing symptoms and together move forward from these. CBT is a collaborative style of therapy; you will not be expected to do anything that you have not agreed to with your therapist in session.

Unlike some other talking therapies CBT mostly focuses on the here and now, however we do explore the impact of the past and how you are currently coping.

The first step will involve an assessment which will establish a clear understanding of your problems, how these developed and how they are affecting you. This understanding will guide the therapeutic process. As treatment progresses, we will devise a treatment plan with you which will involve setting goals that aim to move you to recovery. Once you feel you are at a stage where you are able to manage your symptoms we will then help you to look at ways of preventing setbacks and helping you to stay well.

Benefits of CBT include:

  • Offers an alternative to, or works with medications prescribed by your GP
  • Help you retain employment or return to work after a period of sickness
  • CBT can increase coping strategies and find new ways of managing that you may not have considered
  • Can help you improve relationships and physical health by reducing negative coping strategies
  • Assists to improve quality of life and gain a sense of wellbeing