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Meet the Team

Below are the Therapists of the Derby CBT Team.


Michael Bates

I am a fully BABCP ...
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Gillian England

I am a fully accredited BABCP...
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Alex Gray

I am a fully BABCP accredited ...
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About Michael Bates


Clinical experience:

I am a fully BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a Registered Mental Health Nurse. I have more than twenty years experience of working in mental health and am now working in a senior clinical role in primary care as a CBT therapist and team leader. In addition I have extensive experience of mental health care having held senior clinical positions within the NHS. I have experience of delivering psychoeducational and therapeutic based groups in a variety of settings some of which were part of recognised research trials.

I have extensive experience supervising student nurses and of those undertaking post graduate qualifications CBT. I provide education as a visiting lecturer in mental health at several universities.


Registered Mental Nurse June 1993
Post Graduate Diploma in CBT 2011
BA (Hons) Economics 1982

Special interests:

I am particularly interested in both depression and anxiety and am very familiar with both traditional and the newer third wave therapies including compassion focused therapy and mindfulness.

A bit about me

I really enjoy the challenge of helping people with their distress and difficulties. It is really rewarding to see someone make progress and learn to manage their difficulties and regain their health and coping ability.

I look forward with my colleagues to offering you a highly professional and effective service to meet your needs and help you overcome your difficulties.

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About Gillian England


I am a fully accredited BABCP Cognitive Behavioural Therapist; I am a fully accredited BACP Integrative Counsellor, and an EMDR therapist. I have 20 years’ experience as a therapist, working in community settings, employment assistance programmes and in the NHS. I am currently working in a senior clinical role in the NHS as a CBT Therapist and Clinical Lead. I am an experienced clinical supervisor, have extensive clinical experience treating depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, phobias, OCD, along with bereavement, inter-personal, historical and relationship problems.


Post-Graduate Diploma CBT (2011)

Post Graduate Diploma Integrative Counselling Practice (2005)

Post Graduate Certificate Integrative Counselling Practice (2004)

Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision (2014)

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) Stage 1 (2017)

Special Interests

I have extensive experience working with survivors of childhood trauma and sexual abuse, coupled with special interests in EMDR, and mindfulness approaches.

A Bit About Me

I am completely committed to providing a professional therapeutic relationship/space from which to work, and genuinely wish to facilitate positive change and a holistic healing experience for all my clients.

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About Alex Gray


I am a fully BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and have completed a BPS accredited psychology undergraduate degree. I am currently working in a senior clinical role in primary care as a CBT therapist and clinical lead. Prior to this I worked at a Forensic psychology practice assisting on the completion of psychometric assessment for court purposes. In addition I have experience of working within a clinical psychology setting. I have past and current experience of delivering psychoeducational and therapeutic based groups within several settings. I have experience supervising students undertaking post graduate qualifications CBT as well as supervising qualified CBT therapists.


BA Homs. Psychology June 2008 2:1

Post Graduate Diploma in CBT 2014 Distinction

MSc CBT 2015 Distinction

Special Interests

I have a special interest in eating disorders. My thesis was completed on the efficacy of CBT with Bulimia Nervosa. I am also interested in autism and Aspergers and applying CBT to co-morbid ASD and depression and/or anxiety.

A Bit About Me

I am enthusiastic and passionate about the work I do and hope you will find the input we can offer useful and beneficial.

Benefits of CBT include:

  • Offers an alternative to, or works with medications prescribed by your GP
  • Help you retain employment or return to work after a period of sickness
  • CBT can increase coping strategies and find new ways of managing that you may not have considered
  • Can help you improve relationships and physical health by reducing negative coping strategies
  • Assists to improve quality of life and gain a sense of wellbeing


I didn't know how much CBT would help me, but I thought I would give it a try, and I'm glad I did! I soon gained confidence in Gillian, she helped me put a few things into perspective, and helped me feel empowered to help myself. I was surprised how quickly I began to feel much better. Thank you.
Sally from Allestree

I have OCD, I will always have OCD, But thanks to my therapist Michael Bates I now know how to handle it. Michael has helped me enormously. I have placed my trust in him and my trust has been rewarded. His experience ,intelligence, intuition , and knowledge far exceed other people I have consulted. I would highly recommend him.
FG. South Derbyshire

Right from the outset I felt comfortable with Gillian, I felt she listened to me and I did not feel judged. She taught me some techniques and strategies which I was able to apply in-between sessions, this really made a difference, I was able to return to work much sooner than I'd anticipated.
Dave from Derby